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Feed our friendly animals...

Come and meet our collection of friendly animals in their spacious enclosures - ranging from Alpacas to Zebu and giant rabbits to miniature ponies.  Some of the first animals you’ll meet are the meerkats – our mob is always up to mischief! Even on rainy days you can stay under cover and watch them having fun in their heated house. Don’t miss their daily lunch time feeding and keeper talk.


Nearby, you’ll find more small mammals, including our striped skunk, rabbits, guinea pigs, and playful Tanuki - also known as Racoon dogs. Other exotic species you’ll see in this area include Bearded Dragons, a five-foot albino Corn Snake, and Josie, our 60 year old resident tortoise! During peak season you can find out more about these amazing creatures at the daily reptile encounter (subject to weather and staff availability).

If you continue past the gardens, the park opens up into paddocks housing the larger animals. They love meeting visitors - especially if you are carrying a bag of animal food (which can be bought at the entrance). Our donkeys, Jake and Zac, may even greet you with a very loud welcoming bray! Meet Del Boy and Rodney (Trotter!) the spotty Kune Kune pigs from New Zealand - they love a good scratch. Look out for the greedy goats; they’ll happily eat all your food, but hopefully not the bag! Learn about our rare-breed Ouessant sheep - the smallest breed in the world; Australian Bennett’s Wallabies, woolly alpacas from South America, or our Indian Zebu cattle. And don’t forget the naughty miniature Shetland ponies, Merry and Pippin.


Through the Formal Gardens and the exotic birds, you can find the Secret Garden with our energetic Eastern Chipmunks, watch them race around the tunnels above you head!

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