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Watch exotic birds...

When entering the Park you are greeted by gobbling turkeys, noisy geese, ducks, chickens and bantams.  As you explore further you will discover many more exotic birds ranging from tiny finches to tall rheas.  Make sure you chat to the parrots and macaws - don’t forget Morris the Myna Bird - they can whistle, dance and mimic lots of sounds and words, and love interacting with our visitors.

Surrounding the Formal Gardens you will find landscaped aviaries housing many of the smaller exotic birds.  Here you can sit and watch the colourful birds and listen to them singing. Don’t miss our Barn owl in the Secret Garden - you’ll find the hidden door between the parakeet aviaries.  Not all of our birds spend their time flying so look lower down for other species including ornamental ducks and the stunning Golden Pheasants.

African Grey Rheas Macaw Amazon Mynah low res Barn Owl Ringnecks Finches Budgies Zebra Finch Cockerel Cockatiel Pheasants Ducks waterfall low res