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Learn amazing wildlife facts...

Willow Tunnel

Alongside all of the Animals, Birds and Gardens you’ll also find many areas dedicated to the conservation of our native wildlife.


The Park is ideally situated in open coastal countryside, and just 400m from Filey Dams Nature Reserve, to attract a huge variety of birds, mammals, amphibians, invertebrates, and even plants. To encourage and increase this diversity we have created specific wildlife habitats around the park, which includes the construction of a large wildlife pond, and the planting of many native tree, shrubs and bulbs.  Other areas have been seeded with annual and perennial wildflowers, or left ‘wild’ to allow plants such as nettles and brambles to thrive. Further additions include nest boxes for birds, bats and hedgehogs, as well as log-piles, a mini-beast mansion and worm-world. These areas are enhanced by our unique, educational interpretation boards, which include many amazing facts suitable for all ages.


Stand quietly and look closely - you might be surprised by what you can see and learn.

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